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You're remodelling your home...and you've been told that you need to replace your existing fixtures because they don't meet current building code requirements, such as Title 24 in California.

Most energy efficient lighting has a sleek moderne look that is totally out of character with most older homes. So what do you do??

Q: What's so special about the fixture on the right?

A: It's a flush mount, two light, pan fixture from the early 1900's and its Energy Efficient!!

The fixture above was retrofitted by the Gil Stancourt Lighting Studio with a relatively new advancement in compact fluorescent technology known as GU-24. While standard incandescent fixtures will accept a "screw in" compact fluorescent bulb, they still do not meet the requirements for energy efficient fixtures.

GU-24 is a bi-pin socket that only accepts a bi-pin GU-24 compact fluorescent bulb and as such meets the new building code requirements for energy efficiency in light fixtures. It works in most fixtures that have an Edison based socket.

The good news is that for about the same price you would normally pay for regular rewiring of your fixture, you can have it upgraded to the new GU-24 compact fluorescent tecnnology, thus meeting current building code requirements.

Because GU-24 is energy efficient, you save money on your electric bill, you do the right thing for our planet and best of all, you get to keep the existing fixtures you love so much!!

The Gil Stancourt Lighting Studio can also build new and reproduction fixtures that suit your needs with the new GU-24 compact fluorescent technology.

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