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Gil Stancourt

Gil Stancourt is a man who was born to tinker...he loves nothing better than to tear things apart and put them back together...and not necessarilly as they came apart in the first place. He has an agile, inventive mind that is constantly looking beyond what already exists to: what's next??

At age 12, he "built" his first lamp from an old wine bottle using a cork stopper lamp kit he got at the local hardware store. The seed was planted...but it would be a few years before this became his calling. And for him it is a calling, not a job. It's work he enjoys because it not only allows him an outlet for his creative talents but also the satisfaction of knowing that he's providing a valuable and much needed service to his community!!

Gil has been building, restoring and rewiring lighting for over 25 years. His previous business, Gilbert Lampworks, was a high end production lighting company. It was one of the first small shops in the Bay Area to be UL licensed. Many of the fixtures he designed at that time are still being manufactured today!!

He has recently returned to his first love, the repair, restoration and rewiring of antique lamps and lighting fixtures. While he is adept at creating new fixtures, he loves giving new life to old fixtures...and has a curious penchant for crystal chandeliers. He has also found a way to convert many older fixtures into energy efficient ones that meet EnergyStar standards as well as the new building code standards, such as Title 24 in California. This allows homeowners to keep the fixtures they love when remodelling their homes!!

And to this day, he still enjoys creating the odd piece or two of Art Lighting often "repurposing" found objects into many of his pieces, making each one a special and unique piece of functional art, leading to his mantra:

"We'll Put A Light Bulb In Anything"

What can he build for you??